Sunday, 8 February 2009

And so, the ebil plan is delayed...(an update)

"Give me a week" - Ah well, it appears that work had other thoughts!

I'm currently working 60-hour-plus weeks and it's not looking like settling down at all. As a result, I am going for plan B and am going to find someone to run my corporation for me when I get the chance to get in-game and speak to a few people.

On the plus side, I have managed to draft the first few pages of my production guide inbetween all the client reports and calculations.

A very early work-in-progress can be found here:

(I hope the links works - I can't check it from work, since EVE Files is blocked!)

It's not proof read yet and as you can see there are some links etc to add plus I want to flesh out and focus the chapters a bit - still, it ought to give an idea of what I am trying to achieve. If you have any comments or criticisms - positive or negative - then I'd love to hear them.

All the best