Saturday, 6 September 2008

Eve University forges forth

Exec summary:
- EVE University under Dee appears to be going well.
- Guide is progressing very slowly.
- Watch out EVE, I may return to active status in a month or so.

Longer rambling version: ;)

It's been ages since I last added to this blog - the main reason being that, having left EVE University, I am on a break from the game. However, I'm not on a break fro the IVY League forums! :)

EVE University entered a new period of leadership a few months ago with Dee Carson taking over as Exec Director. I don't think morning Maniac could have chosen a better person, to be honest. Dee's guidance in debates and the way he is taking the Uni is great. He seems to have a great balance when it comes to managing the information passed to the membership and is more openly organised in his communications. Anyone who's not read the SitRep he wrote, ought to.

As for me, well I am starting to get tempted back to EVE at the moment.

I am particularly tempted by exploration and stepping back into invention. I need to get my exploration skills up though, so I might delay my return while I train things like Astrometric pinpointing. I don't think I am ever going to have time to play EVE as much as I have in the past though. I am slightly tempted to find a partner to start up a production corporation in Korsiki with a high sec POS, but then again I am not sure I have the time - we'll see.

Oh, and for those who read this blog and are wondering where my production guide has gone - I am still writing it, but very slowly! I've drafted the first chapter and have now put it aside while I focus on actuarial professional exams coming up in a couple of weeks' time.

All the best